Don’t Rain on My Parade

Last night was a very big night for New York City’s Broadway scene. It was the 64th annual Tony awards, and being the theater junkie that I am, I had to watch at least part of it, even though I haven’t seen any of the shows that were nominated for awards.

Somehow I managed to miss most of the performances by the Best Musical nominated shows (though I did catch the wild party that is American Idiot. I can’t imagine having to do that eight shows a week!). However, I did see the special performance by Glee stars Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele. It is Michele’s performance that has been on my mind today. She sang “Don’t Rain on My Parade,” which is a song that I really like. She sang it well – check it out, here – but she’s no Barbra Streisand. If you want to hear someone who CAN sing it as well as Barbra, check out the beautiful and talented Stephanie J. Block.

Of course, you could just listen to Barbra, but I wanted to take this opportunity to, once again, put in a good word for the woman who, in my opinion, has a voice that is only surpassed by Julie Andrews (prior to her unfortunate surgery, of course). Someday there will be a revival of Funny Girl, and there is no one better suited for the role of Fanny Brice than Stephanie J. Block.



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