Hell on the Heart

It happened again! Except this time, I knew what song was in my head when I woke up this morning – “Hell on the Heart” by Eric Church. The thing that happened again was that when I got into the car to go to work, the song was on the radio. I think I’m psychic. You know how weird it is to turn the radio on and hear the song that you were just thinking about? So strange.

So, since we’re on the subject, I’ve heard the song many times lately (and I like it, for the record), but until today, I didn’t really know how sang it. Now I know the artist’s name, but I don’t really know who Eric Church is. So I googled him. “Hell on the Heart” was on an album called “Carolina” which was released in March of last year and is his second album. “Hell on the Heart” is one of his most popular songs, as well as “Love Your Love the Most” which was his first Top Ten hit. I didn’t know he sang that song, either, or that he co-wrote both of them. I think this is showing that radio deejays need to do a better job of telling their listeners who they’re listening to. Or am I the only one who recognizes music but never knows who sings it?



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